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Do you want to know more about our vision ?

Do you want to know more about our vision ?

Today, I would like to finally share with you what is really the big picture we want to make of our project.

From the beginning, we wanted to keep this vision to ourselves because we had to validate some things before saying more and being sure of its feasibility.

Let's start with the end. You probably know Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is an American financial group specialized in services to financial market professionals and in economic and financial information both as a news agency and directly, via numerous media (television, radio, press, internet and books) of which the best known are probably its own cable/satellite television channels.

We are building the first Bloomberg of the talent economy. A platform that will allow each entity (Companies, Schools ...) to know the trends of the job market in real time.

All of this depends first of all on our ability to generate enough data on a daily basis, and this is what we are able to validate today.

To generate enough data, we needed to bring on board the largest community of freelance headhunters in Africa.

These headhunters or FastRecruiters, or Talent Traders, work every day to qualify a large number of candidates for the platform's clients.

Why Africa, because we wanted to give the chance to hunters who have a lot of talent to work at the same time on their local market but also internationally which will allow them to generate enough income to live very well.

We are sure today that the most promising market in the next few years is Africa.

I also understood that to achieve this goal, I needed a team and especially an associate who has the backbone to carry this project with me.

It is in this sense that I am delighted to announce that Jamal Belahrach, former boss of Manpower and OCP has joined our adventure.

The next step now is to have our first major investor. This investor will allow us not only to have the necessary funds but to reach a very ambitious and above all achievable goal.

Stay Tuned